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Casa de La Plaza Centro Morelia
Beautiful eighteenth-century colonial house located opposite to one of the most beautiful plazas in Morelia: the historic Plaza Soterra?a. This house is ideal for living in a quiet and comfortable residence located at close proximity to the beautiful cathedral, to the portals and to the commercial main plazas of the capital city of Morelia. The architectural features, its geographical location and the size of this house make it an ideal residence to either live well or to establish a bed and breakfast, a guest house or a small hotel. The house is within the Historical Center downtown that UNESCO has designated as an international heritage of mankind for its beauty and its architectural tradition. This house has been catalogued as a living example of the colonial eighteenth-century style so appreciated throughout the world.

Lot Size: 520 Square Meters (Aprox.: 5600 Sq. Ft) * Price: $ 400,000 USD ( or best offer )

Details: The house has a total of 9 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, all are very spacious and well lit. All have high ceilings and are arranged around two separate patios
Out of the 9 rooms, 1 has been dedicated as the kitchen with all modern gas, water and electrical outlets required to make this a functional and modern kitchen with a traditional look. Another very large room has been deemed the living and dining room, and yet another separate room was planned as a large laundry room with enough space to include a craft projects area or as a storage space (with the plumbing ready to install another bathroom here, should the need arise).
The house also has a very large central courtyard and a second patio in the back with planned Jacuzzi installation pipes. The rear patio could also fit in a small swimming pool of 7 x 3 meters and still have space for lounge or patio chairs and plants.

The house is being restored, and the work done so far includes:

- New roof in almost the entire house (except for two bedrooms where the roof had been renovated recently.) In the oldest part of the house the roof was made according to the specifications of INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Histoia), and in the back rooms the roof has original red clay roof tile. Skylights were incorporated in almost every room of the house to allow for more natural light and to provide better illumination to the rooms.

- The sewer system of the house is new and it was made with durable PBC pipe, and all outputs are ready for installation of bathroom furniture.

- The hydraulic installation is now available throughout the house with copper pipes, and there are 3 water tanks already connected and functioning on the rooftop to store water.

- There is an underground water tank with a capacity of 10,000 liters and a water pump to send water from the cistern to the tanks on the rooftop.

- The windows that overlook the beautiful plaza have been decorated with beautiful wrought iron grilles.

- The walls have been strengthened as well as the columns and facade of the house?s quarry stone where necessary.

- In the parts of the house where the roof was replaced, water ducts were installed and also ducts for the electrical installation-- of which plans are available. The other architectural plans are also available, including the distribution and other architectural details. The plans have been reviewed and are properly approved by the city council and the INAH.
- Also available, and included in the price of the house, are various finishing and construction materials such as bathroom furniture and fixtures, and aged wooden beams which could be used to make doors, windows or furniture.

Want more information? Contact: Juan Morales

Lot Size: 520 Square Meters (convert...)
Bedrooms: 9
Bathrooms: 5
Parking: 1
Additional Info: Beautiful historic home....come and enjoy the good life in tranquil colonial Morelia, cultural heart of Mexico.
Price: $400,000 USD (convert...)

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